stephanie vierhaus

Advanced Certified Rolfer®

ScarWorker according to Sharon Wheeler

Yurashi Practitioner



*1972 in Düsseldorf with Spanish Rhenish roots


qualified Master of Business Management (CCI) and Foreign Language Correspondence Clerk (CCI)


2015 resignation of the 'safe job' in Japanese steel/automotive branch 


2015/2016 training as Certified Rolfer® and opening of a practice


2017 training as ScarWorker according to Sharon Wheeler and as Yurashi Practitioner


2019 training as Advanced Certified Rolfer®

how do i work?

prudent, sensitive, powerful, intuitive, tactic, curious, creative and

with a lot of joy

continuing education


  • European Rolf Movement™ Certification Training
    • Part 1: Functional Embodiment of the 10 Rolfing® sessions (2020 done)
    • Part 2: Strategy and Design of a Rolf Movement 3-Series (2021 done)
    • Part 3: Introduction to leading Rolf Movement groups (to come)


  • European Advanced Rolfing® SI Training - training with Lael Katherine Keen and Pierpaola Volpones
  • Manipulation of Peripheral Nerves - workshop with Christoph Sommer
  • Basics of Visceral Manipulation in the Context of Rolfing® SI part 2 and part 3 - workshops with Konrad Obermeier


  • The Spine and how it works - workshop with Tessy Brungardt
  • Basics of Visceral Manipulation in the Context of Rolfing® SI part 1 - workshop with Konrad Obermeier


  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology - Heilpraktikerschule Düsseldorf
  • From Planes to Shapes, Spheres and Spaces - an experimental workshop with Harvey Burns
  • ScarWork according to Sharon Wheeler - workshop with Sharon Wheeler
  • Supervision Rolfing® Structural Integration - supervision with Harvey Burns
  • Yurashi - Gentle Touch Therapy - workshop with Koji Matsunaga